London Centre

Towards the end of 2014, Chear London moved from Parker Tower in Holborn and we are now  settled in our new London centre in Bermondsey. Over the past few months, we have been doing lots of work to create a great space for families and professionals to visit.

The premises are situated on the ground floor, providing easy access for people of all ages. We now have two purpose-built audiology rooms. One is a large child-friendly room, designed specifically for paediatric testing. Our second, smaller audiology room is more adult-focussed, and houses a wide range of hearing aid accessories that can be demonstrated in house.

At Chear London we offer a full range of hearing services for both children and adults.  Appointments for children are available on Wednesdays and Fridays, while adults can be seen any day from Tuesdays to Friday.

Chear shares the office and works closely with AVUK, a national charity that teaches deaf babies and children to listen and speak using Auditory Verbal therapy, so that they can achieve their potential in life.

We are also pleased to be working on a joint initiative with AVUK and the hearing aid manufacturer Phonak. Listen & Talk As One promotes world-class, integrated care for children with hearing impairment. As part of this initiative, we are able to offer training on best practice in paediatric audiology to hearing professionals throughout the UK.

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Josephine is a highly professional audiologist with many years experience in working with children, families and adult clients. Chear represents an extremely valuable resource where clients will find high levels of expertise, professionalism and a friendly and supportive approach
John Bamford, Honorary Professor of Audiology, University of Manchester
Many thanks for a successful appointment in trying to obtain some hearing level thresholds for Louie. You did it! You were both so fantastic, so patient and so informative. Thank you. You are so skilled at what you do.
James and Rebecca, parents of Louie, 5 months